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Specialized Lighting for tailored applications

Specilized lights and other high tech components tailored for clients applications available upon request.

Real UV Corp.’s Specialty lighting series contains lights tailored for Pot Growing, Fishing,  Photography and single large wattage light engine applications to name a few which have been made over the years for selected clients and now are open to other selected companies worldwide as either distributors or in coordination with clients as a limited JV operation.

1. Growing Pot has been a booming business for many small sized businesses. Many different styles and types of lights have been created and tailored for meeting those diverse applications and needs. RUV has created bulbs, floodlights and many other specialized shapes and configurations to meet those needs and can now offer them to selected companies residing within legal areas to grow this product.

2. The Movie industry requires high wattage, low weight, portable lighting for filming. RUV R&D Center has developed and can now market worldwide their portable 500watt and 1,000watt single light engine lights systems to meet this requirement.  Other wattages  may be offered to selected clients in certain countries that do not conflict with current ongoing sales agreements.

3.Specialized Fishing Lights were made some time ago for attracting fish and increasing overall fish catching results. Films and pictures are on-hand to show their effectiveness.

4. UV-C Specialized lighting for combating COVID 19 are available now for worldwide distribution and sales.

Specialized lighting Examples