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Specialized Lighting for tailored applications

Specilized lights and other high tech components tailored for clients applications available upon request.

Real UV Corporation and R&D Center

Real UV R&D Center is dedicated to developing and marketing the highest quality, products. We are using current and breakthrough technologies for improving, enhancing, and refining consumer products in many highly technical fields to offer individuals, businesses and manufactures worldwide.

Our team of highly specialized Research and Development personnel along with leading scientist working tirelessly to insure Real UV R&D Center offers the best and most advanced products in several fields. This includes many "Green" initiatives to include Energy Generation, Clean Water, Electrical Vehicle prototyping and Environmental clean up using Bio-Remediation.

We strive to be in the forefront in technical areas such as Green Energy Generation, Electric Vehicle Prototyping, Composite materials applications and integration into existing production. Our basic technology for over 15 years have been in the CLED Lighting applications for many industries to include: CLED Flood Lighting, CLED Street Lighting innovations, and CLED Photonic Light Therapy lighting for non-evasive light therapy, UV-C Sterilization for Water and Air, New Lasers products to include Green Lasers, Blue Lasers, Strobe Lasers and NON-Lethal Lasers with adjustable focus functions. Joint Venture CLED factory and IP sharing/transfer for setting up local factory's for CLED lights are considered and reviewed for viability. We do R&D in many areas for selected companies.

We welcome Distributors, Manufactures, OEM/ODM, and other inquires and requests for our products.

Real UV Corp R&D center will accept and review projects for development of selected Green Energy  product development, Electric Vehicles prototyping of 2-4 wheel versions including Electrical Flying versions and underwater versions, Laser and lighting products. We specialize in Prototyping and developing specialized high end products for clients.