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Specialized Lighting for tailored applications

Specilized lights and other high tech components tailored for clients applications available upon request.

Electrical Vehicles including Ground, Flying, and Undewater Types prototyping

RUV R&D Center has been involved with a variety of Electrical Based Vehicle Developments since 2010. This cooperation ranges from R&D specialized components to final parts construction of a prototype. There are many different types of Electrical Vehicles and opportunities for cooperation between various companies to bring a unique specialty EV Vehicle to the marketplace. RUV R&D Center is looking to expand its working relationships with vendors, parts suppliers and companies that want an EV brand of their own to market within their country.

RUV R&D Center is interested in cooperating with manufacture, suppliers and vendors for sourcing the best most reliable parts listed below for EV vehicles:

  1. Battery manufacture with ability to build and/or provide EV batteries with certain voltages, sizes, shapes and supporting PCB’s for operations.
  2. Body and frame component manufacture for items ranging from 2-wheel, 3- wheel, 4-wheel and flying vehicles of various designs
  3. Specialty software and PCB integrating operational parts unique to the different types of EV vehicles to be built for supporting customers’ orders.

RUV R&D center is also interested in cooperating with companies interested in creating their own brand named EV vehicles for resale within their own country.

  1. Priority goes to companies interested in setting up their own Manufacturing and Assembly Company within their country for EV vehicles that have the financial, building, logistical and supporting people on-hand to restructure for this type business endeavor.
  2. Start-up Company or companies looking to reconfigure their current company into this newly expanding market for continued business. (several options available on this topic depending on current company structure).
  3. Distribution outlets that have marketing experience and prior sales history within this field to expand their current market segment within selected countries.

Please send your information and what your company would like to participate within to see how best to cooperate. Finding mutual supporting solutions to bring Electric Vehicles to the marketplace in the upcoming years is the goal.

Send responses to William Myers at: