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Electrical Vehicle Prototyping
CLED Lights
Specilized Pot Plant Growth Light
Commercail and Military grade laser products
New Products UV-C Ceiling Lights

Specialized Pot Plant Growth Light

Designed for USA states and canada where growing pot is legalized.


Commercail and Military grade laser products 

RUV R&D Center now has for sale to selected clients and regions a complete line of Laser Products!

A complete line of lasers products for military, commercial and Medical applications.

This line includes:

1. Handheld Lasers for Military, Government, Riot control, Commercial applications and civilian uses. (Adjustable Focus options available)

2. Weapon Mounted Lasers for Military and government applications (Adjustable Focus options available)

3. Specialty  lasers for  denial of access on water, and other areas (Adjustable Focus option available)

4. Complete Sub-assemblies for high powered 1.5watt green lasers for clients to build fixed vehicle mounted units or fixed location units sites for example oil rigs, secure buildings, fixed site installations where security is a must plus many other security required applications.

5. Miniature laser Sub-assembly systems for placing inside UAV, or small area for point designation or hidden cover actions. These laser Sub-assemblies can be made in several wavelengths to include Green, Red and several IR wavelength  versions. (adjustable Focus options available on some versions)

6. Medical lasers for deep skin penetration (Adjustable Focus option available)

7. 1watt, and Higher wattages Handheld Blue Laser with adjustable focus spot.