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Commercail and Military grade laser products

Currently Real UV Corp. is offering a variety of different type lasers for civilian, commercial and military applications to companies and specialty groups within certain countries.  Existing general formatted laser models can be requested and RUV R&D center can also build tailored versions for selected clients as OEM and private labeling added service.

RUV Lasers product lines include Red, Green, Blue and IR versions with the IR versions being the most popular ordered type requested.

Specialized IR emitting lasers for Gen 3 and Gen 3+ illumination are available for various applications to include:

  1. Standard night illumination (fixed point and variable beam versions available.

  1. Large area high visibility for HR IR camera illumination

  1. Inclement weather signaling

  1. High Powered IR emitters for specialized long distance sight applications

  1. Handheld IR disrupter and negating night vision devices

  1. Other specialty IR laser applications designated by client for special operations.

Some of the applications RUV Lasers are used for by clients are:

Handheld Lasers for: Civilian (individual), Military, Government, Riot control, along with specialized Commercial applications. (Adjustable Focus options available on some models).

Specialty lasers for denial of access on land, water, private property, buildings, interior locations and other sensitive areas. I.E. Maritime operations and Prisons applications, (Adjustable Focus option available)

Miniature laser Sub-assembly systems for placing inside UAV, or small area for point designation or hidden cover actions. These laser Sub-assemblies can be made in several wavelengths to include Green, Red with several IR wavelength including Gen 2, 3 and 3+ versions available. (Adjustable Focus options available on some versions)

Medical lasers for deep skin penetration such as laser acupuncture devices instead of preforming this treatment with needles.

Potential clients can submit their requests to RUV R&D Center which will review these requests to develop a laser tailored system to the client’s operational specs and/or requirements.  

NOTE: The Clint is responsible for any import permits or licenses needed for importing lasers into their designated country.