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Specialized Lighting for tailored applications

Specilized lights and other high tech components tailored for clients applications available upon request.

CLED Finished Lighting Products

The most advanced CLED Light Products for lightning now available

RUV R&D Center in cooperation with several clients can now offer to selected distributors worldwide a variety of Low Voltage (CLED High Temperature Operating Disks) and High Voltage (AC Direct) lighting finished product lines.

These CLED Lighting Product Lines include indoor and outdoor lights and are especially designed for huge energy savings and abundant lighting of areas. Many specialty lights for different lighting variations are available or may be tailored to fit potential clients lighting requests.

Inquire for protected distributorship areas and volume purchasing can be accepted at this time. Qualified companies can receive more advanced lighting and future consideration to better maintain their advanced lighting positions in the lighting field.

Types of lighting products available are:

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Industrial Lighting

Specialty Architectural Lighting

High Temperature (HOT environments) Operating Lighting

AC Direct Plant Growth Lights

Other specially function lights requested by clients